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As the first and leading company in Bulgaria in the production of HELYAL food, Merkez has developed strict rules for the control of meat and additives that are used in the production of all products. The meat is harvested in its own slaughterhouse. At slaughter all requirements for HELYAL slaughter are observed.

Impeccable quality since 1996

Merkez Farm

The planning of the Merkez farm began in 2015, and the project was implemented two years later in 2017. The farm raises large ruminants or meat-producing cows of the Limousin and Aberdeen breeds.
Animals of these breeds have a classic yield of 60/65% and bones of only 16%. These parameters make the breeds one of the most effective for the production of quality beef.
Currently, the farm raises 200 calves and cows to form a herd. The farm is currently being expanded to include a new capacity of 500 animals in the herd.

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Our Range

The range of meat products includes over 200 different types:
  • All types of chicken and beef cuts
  • All types of chicken and beef blanks
  • Boiled sausages
  • Durable sausages
  • Raw-dried hams and delicacies
  • Meat preparations – raw and roasted




Shoulder, back and ribs, front / waist, buttocks, buttocks / thigh, hip, abdomen, front thigh, chest


Leg, hind leg, wings, breast / fillet


Cooked sausages, durable sausages, raw-dried delicacies, meat preparations – raw and baked


Whole or half lamb, forequarters or hindquarters