Merkez – Halal meat and meat products

Company Merkez Ltd is the first private producer in Bulgaria Helal meat and meat products.

In 2014 the company Merkez opens newly built plant, which the company already has its own slaughterhouse and cutting plant for red and white meats. Project Enterprise was developed with the assistance of highly qualified specialists and consultants in the meat industry. The new building meets all the requirements laid down in the Bulgarian and European legislation. The factory is equipped with the most modern and sophisticated machinery and equipment supplied and installed by leading Bulgarian companies. In Slaughterhouse imposed and meet high standards of quality and control. A system of traceability of production.

 Located on 2400 square meters Abattoir is related to meat processing enterprise of Merkez . The capacity of the slaughter is 50 pcs. Bovines (cattle) or 400 pcs. Small ruminants (small ruminants) per day. Frequent inspections and audits by the competent authorities help to maintain and develop the rules of hygiene control in slaughterhouses and quality of the products.

The animals brought for slaughter wait in specially constructed cells equipped with water and food for them. Animal welfare, avoid hitting stressful part of the rules and ethics of welfare brought for slaughter.

In Slaughterhouse Merkez employs are over 30 people professionals.

As the only certified slaughterhouse in the region of Gotse Delchev, except for the needs of Merkez, slaughterhouse performs services such as slaughtering bovines and small ruminants and meat boning. Of these services benefit both owners of large farms animals and small farmers.

The series of meat products include a range of:

– All kinds of cuts of meats from beef, veal and chicken.

– All kinds of meat preparations of beef, veal and chicken.